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Art, Music & Creativity

At Mayfair Gardens Montessori, we believe that the arts are paramount for a well-rounded early years education. The following ten points are taken from former Stanford professor Elliot Eisner and guide our daily work. 

(These ten points are discussed in his 2002 book, The Arts and Creation of Mind published by Yale University Press.)


The arts teach children to make good judgements about qualitative relationships.


The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution.


The arts celebrate multiple perspectives.


The arts teach children to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities as work unfolds.


The arts make vivid the fact that neither words in their literal form nor numbers exhaust what we can know.


The arts teach students that small differences can have large effects.


The arts teach students to think through and within a material.


The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said.


The arts allow children to experience the range of thoughts  humans are capable of feeling.


The arts’ position in the curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults believe is important.

Nurturing the Creative Spirit. 

"Creativity is as important as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status."

~~ Sir Ken Robinson

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